VR Weather Visualization

Developed in collaboration with Eric Lee, Sida Li, Elijah Schwelling, Akanksha Shrivastava and the ESSIC team (Patrick Mayers, Mason Quick).
Coordination handled by Dr. Amitabh Varshney and Barbara Brawn-Cinani.

Goal: To develop useful and visually stunning 3D visualizations of Advected Layered Precipitable Water (ALPW) and GOES weather data in VR.

See more videos of all the features in our visualization at our Google Drive videos folder.


Update: Geollery just moved to umiacs hosting at https://geollery.umiacs.umd.edu

Ruofei said he’ll have https://geollery.com redirect to it.

Geollery is a mixed reality social media website. Built upon a 3D mirrored world, you’re immersed in an environment where you can interact with friends in real-time or post pictures and messages for others to find.

A video demo Ruofei made:

Akanksha’s design drafts are available at her website: https://akankshas.me/geollery

Check out our daily progress log to see all the features which didn’t make it into the program.